If you’d like to know more about our industry experience you will see below a selection of the machines that have recently been repaired, serviced and maintained for our customers:

Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Brown 250 Steel Saw

Casadei Macchine M410 Multi Machine

Cehisa 205 Edge Bander

Centauro CO/600 Bandsaw

Centauro SL Gold Line SLG-8000 Saw

Elumatec AS70 Router

Elumatec DG142 Double Mitre Saw

Elumatec DG79 Double Mitre Saw

Elumatec DS 703 THV Welder

Elumatec DS 704 THV Welder

Elumatec ES 701 TV Transom Welder

Elumatec ES 710 LV Welder

Elumatec KF178  Router

Elumatec KS101 V Notch Saw

Elumatec MGS 72 Mitre Saw

Elumatec MP44 Vent Router

Elumatec SA142 Automatic Saw

Felder F700 Spindle Moulder

Futura 220S Modul 4 4 Cutter

Gabbiani Galaxy 125 Beam Saw

Gabbiani Galaxy 90 Beam Saw

Gannomat CNC 480/LS Dowel Machine

Gannomat Index 200-LS 480LS Dowel Machine

Graule AS-V 550 Notching Machine

Griggio GL150 Sander

Griggio SC3000 Panel Saw

Holzher 6110 BeamSaw

Interwood HOP Press

JJ Smith SIPS Saw

Kombimatec 3 HDV 140 Welder

Kombimatec DGS 350 Double Mitre Saw

Kombimatec EKS 432 Welder

Kombimatec EV443 Corner Cleaner

Kombimatec EV470 Corner Cleaner

Kombimatec WSF 442 Water Slot Router

Morbidelli Author 430 CNC Router

OMS Invincible OK 330 Double Mitre Saw

P Macchine 06P Copy Router

Paolini T160L Spindle Moulder

Pertici BS771 Bead Saw

Pertici FC101 Router

Pertici FC106 Router

Pertici ML142/N Water Slot Router

Pertici Univer 400P Double Mitre Saw

Pertici VC721 V-Notch Saw

Pertici WM1L Welder

Pertici WM3V Welder

Pertici WM4V Welder

Putsch Meniconi SVP 133 Wall Saw

Putsch Meniconi SVP145 Wall Saw

Robland E45 Panel Saw

Robland Z3200 Panel Saw

Robsland E300 Panel Saw

Robsland Z230 Panel Saw

SCM Accord CNC Router

SCM Centauro R800 Band Resaw

SCM K208 Edge Bander

SCM Mini Max SC/3W Panel Saw

SCM Olimpic K500 Edge Bander

SCM Olimpic S215 Edge Bander

SCM Pratix 48 NST CNC Router

SCM Pratix S12B CNC Router

SCM Pratix S15 CNC Router

SCM Pratix Z2 CNC Router

SCM Record 100 Action Line CNC Router

SCM Record 100 CNC Router

SCM Record 110 CNC Router

SCM Record 125 CNC Router

SCM Record 130 CNC Router

SCM Record 132 CNC Router

SCM Record 220 CNC Router

SCM Record 240 CNC Router

SCM Sandya Wide Belt Sander

SCM Sigma 105 Impact Beam Saw

SCM Sintex Moulder

SCM T150K Spindle Moulder

SCM Tech 99L CNC Router

SCM Tecnomax S350W Panel Saw

SCM TF135 Spindle Moulder

Someco 501 N TD Welder

Someco 502 N FM Welder

Someco 504 N FM

Someco 511 LTM Welder

Someco 512 LTM Welder

Someco 803 NTD Welder

Someco 804 NFM Welder

Someco 811 NTM Welder

STB GS225 Bead Saw

Stefani Solution Edge Bander

Stromab RS650 Cross Cut Saw

Tecno Prima PR230 TVH

Urban AKS 1260 Welder

Urban AKS 1505 Welder

Urban AKS 3511 Welder

Urban AKS 3610 Welder

Urban AKS 5205 Welder

Urban SV530 Corner Cleaner

Wadkin C7 Bandsaw